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3) Harjatan

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Jagged Abrasion (TANK)

Applies a stacking DoT to the tank, dealing 1.2 million physical every 2 seconds for 30 seconds. Swap at 4.

Unchecked Rage (TANK)

When Harjatan reaches 100 energy, he does 69.8 million physical split between everyone in a frontal cone. Does an additional 6.2 million to the current tank. Enrages if he doesn't hit 5 people. Tank needs to have the boss faced towards the raid before this goes off.

Spoiler: Unchecked RageShow

Commanding Roar

Roars and causes 3 murlocs to join the fight. Additional murloc at 66% and 33%.

Spoiler: Commanding RoarShow


Various mechanics throughout the encounter cause this stacking debuff, which deals 250,000 frost every 2 seconds and increases frost damage taken by 5%.

Drenching Waters

These are pools of water that are left on the ground through a couple mechanics. Standing in them deals 202,500 frost every second and applies a stack of Drenched. The general idea is to drop these on the sides of the room, leaving an area clear for when the pools get pulled in.

Spoiler: Drenching WatersShow

Razorjaw Wavemender

This murloc takes top priority.

- Watery Splash

Splashes random targets, dealing 1.9 frost and applying a stack of Drenched. Supposedly interruptible, but not verified by the journal.

- Aqueous Burst

Puts a watery circle under random players. After 6 seconds, they explode, dealing 1.2 million frost to anyone within the circle and dropping a pool of Drenching Waters. These need to be brought to the sides of the room and dropped as close to other Drenching Water pools as possible to conserve space.

Spoiler: Aqueous BurstShow

Razorjaw Gladiator

In the PTR videos this murloc seemed like a non-factor.

- Splasy Cleave

Deals 1 million frost and applies a stack of Drenched to everyone in a frontal cone. Tanks face away from raid while they still have aggro.

- Dripping Blade

Melee attacks apply a stack of Drenched.

- Driven Assault

Fixates on a random target and chases after them. Increases their physical damage done by 50%, but lowers their movement speed by 35%.

Darkscale Taskmaster

Based on the dungeon journal this add seems to have been taken out of the fight.

Draw In / Frigid Blows / Drenching Slough

Harjatan draws in and absorbs all of the Drenching Waters pools, giving him a stack of Frigid Blows per pool absorbed. This buff causes each of his melee attacks to deal 725,270 frost to the raid.

Each melee attack also causes Drenching Slough, which is basically an ice projectile aimed at a random player's location, which deals 1.3 million frost if hit and leaves behind a pool of Drenching Waters. The idea is for all players to get to the sides of the room immediately after he sucks the pools to bait Drenching Waters into good locations.

Spoiler: Draw In / Frigid BlowsShow

Frosty Discharge

After Frigid Blows, Harjatan deals 239,926 frost to everyone and then removes their Drenched stacks.
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Some logs of a mythic kill:

Short fight focusing on burst AoE/ST burst for priority targets. Damage comes in bursts and also through a DoT that ramps up periodically during Frosty Blows, so HoTs will be extremely strong this fight. Lust will either be on pull or sub 33% when there are more adds out. If the taskmasters won't come if 1 is already out, the fight can be 3T where the third tank is just moving the taskmaster away for the whole fight. We can also use Roary in balance form to tank the taskmaster at max range.

Boss will start being tanked in the middle of the room, (slightly towards the west side near the Northwest Murloc spawn point) with everyone stacked up for the first Unchecked Rage. MT will face Harj away from the raid, and stack in the group before the first UR goes off.

As the first UR goes off, the first set of adds will Spawn. Hunters & rogues MD/tricks to the OT. The OT needs to make sure the gladiators are not cleaving the raid prior to fixate. When the gladiators fixate, fixated targets should run through the stacked raid and then out.

Everyone should make sure to have their movement abilities up for Aquaeos burst, as these should be moved to the walls in the blue circle area to avoid people running over them. They should not be dropped in the red zone.

Before UR #2 goes out(should be right after adds die) the raid needs to stack back up like in the first image. After the UR, another add wave should spawn and Harj will cast Draw in. Before Draw in is complete, range need to move over & spread in the now clear blue zone to drop the drenching sloughs. If for some reason the pools get dropped in the red zone, we will move Harj over to the northeastern side of the map till the next Draw in.

Unchecked Rage:
0:20 UR 1 Healyo SLT
0:40 UR 2 Tori DH
1:36 UR 3 Ana AM
1:57 UR 4 Paul Shout
3:02 UR 5 Healyo APT
3:20 UR 6 Healyo SLT

Frosty Blows/Discharge
1:11 Saigon Tranq + Themril Shout + Flakez VE
2:40 Veldreck AM + Healyo HTT + Personals + Deisto/Chunga VEs
4:11 Saigon Tranq + Themril Shout + Tori DH + Flakez VE
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