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Similar to Xavius, each player has a bar that builds to 100 as they handle mechanics. Once players reach 100 torment, they are afflicted with Unbearable Torment, decreasing damage done by 20%, hit change by 90%, healing done by 25%, and making them take 90% increased damge. The idea is for players who reach 100 torment (or before) to use their extra action button, "Confess."

Spoiler: ConfessShow

Tormented Soul

When a player hits "Confess", they teleport inside a cage with an add (Tormented Soul) that never dies. When players DPS this add it drops these arcane spheres that can be picked up to clear Torment. Players also need to dodge the yellow swirls on the ground, which deal 1.9 million fire if hit. The add also casts Soul Corruption every 5 seconds, which deals 111,580 shadow to everyone every second for 12 seconds, stacking. Once clear of torment, players can use the extra action button again to teleport out. A third tank can be used on this fight to smooth out the Torment of the tanks, but no tank should be able to stay inside the entire fight.

Spoiler: Tormented SoulShow


One of the two enemies the raid will face on the outside. This one needs to be tanked. Once the current tank has 100 torment, the other tank taunts and the tormented tank goes inside and clears.

Bone Scythe/Scythe Sweep

Atrigan's auto attacks apply 2 torment. He will occasionally do a wide swing, dealing 1.6 million physical and applying 20 torment to anyone hit in front of him. Tank just needs to make sure he is faced away from the raid.

Spoiler: Scythe SweepShow

Calcified Quills

Targets a player, then sends a large line of spikes from the ground at them, dealing 2.4 million physical to anyone hit and knocking them in the air. Supposedly only targets a tank, but everyone should stay spread throughout the encounter in case it's random.

Spoiler: Calcified QuillsShow

Bone Saw

Atrigan starts spinning at 75% reduced speed, dealing 1.6 million physical and applying 4 torment per second to anyone hit. Attacking him while he spins causes the attacker to gain torment as well.

Spoiler: Bone SawShow


The other enemy the raid will face on the outside. This one does not need to be tanked.

Pangs of Guilt

Interruptible cast that deals 3.8 million shadow to the raid. Need to set up an interrupt rotation to handle this.

Suffocating Dark

Puts shadowy zones around random players, dealing 473,000 shadow and applying 8 torment per second, as well as slowing movement by 50% to anyone inside. Players need to make sure to never be by the room entrance, so inside players never drop into one of these when exiting from "Confess."

Spoiler: Suffocating DarkShow

Echoing Anguish/Anguished Outburst

Puts a dispellable debuff on multiple players, dealing 418,046 shadow and applying 2 torment per second for 12 seconds. When dispelled, deals 3.3 million shadow (Anguished Outburst) and applies 10 torment to anyone within 8 yards of the dispelled player. Players should stay spread at least 8 yards apart.

Spoiler: Echoing AnguishShow

Tormenting Burst

Deals 3.3 million shadow and applies 8 torment to the entire raid.

Spoiler: Tormenting BurstShow

Fel Squall

Belac starts channeling and a circle appears underneath him, dealing 1.6 million fire and applying 4 torment to anyone inside every 5.2? seconds (I'm assuming the journal is bugged at this is every second). Attacking Belac causes the attacker to gain torment.

Spoiler: Fel SquallShow
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Some logs:

Heroic Version of this Boss is fairly basic, range will spread out around the room with a /range 8 spread. We will be 3T it with one of our DK's going blood. Due to the stacking debuff, the DK tank will swap out after Anh confesses, and then will swap back in once Anh is close to breaking out.

Range Spread out around room with /range 8
Atrig will be tanked on the northwest side of the room, and kited along the westwall during his whirlwind ability(See below for positioning)

Melee always on Belac unless he is casting Fel Squall.
For Echoing Anguish, melee run up to the north wall and call out for a dispel. Melee will get priority on dispels but need to be clear of melee stack before calling for one. Also healers be careful of dispels when Tormenting burst is about to go off.

Melee DISPEL Location

Melee Int Order:

Range Int Order(During Fel Squall)

Any other ints feel free to use if cast is >50% over.

Fight Start:
Lust(Can stack the bosses here, but separate before the First Fel Squall goes out right before lusts ends)
Lust over-> Blood DK confess

Dungeon Journal seems to have changed, Fel Squall & Bone Saw now deal 400k to ALL players every 2s while they are active(In addition to the heavy dmg to anyone standing too close). If these timers stay the same then you can stack the bosses up after BONE SAW for about ~20s, but should keep them spread after Fel Squall till the next Bone Saw. It might just be easier however to keep them spread since on Heroic this shouldn't be a DPS check.
0:10 TB 1
0:30 TB 2
0:35 FS 1 Saigon Tranq
0:52 TB 3
1:00 BS 1 Ana AM
1:13 TB 4
1:30 TB 5 Themril Shout
1:36 FS 2Veldreck AM
1:53 TB 6
2:00 BS 2 Tori DH
2:14 TB 7 Deisto VE
2:31 TB 8 Paul Shout
2:40 FS 3 Chunga VE
2:58 TB 9 Crit Shout
3:00 BS 3 Healyo HTT
3:19 TB 10
3:40 FS 4 Saigon Tranq (Repeat)
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