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Infernal Spike

Yellow swirls appear, then spikes erupt from them, dealing 1.9 million fire to anyone hit. These are used to mitigate other mechanics, so the idea is to keep them up until needed.

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Shattering Star

One player gets targeted with a red arrow, then six seconds later gets a star hurled at them, dealing 5.5 million fire to the raid. Damage decreases every Infernal Spike the star passes through. If it passes through no Infernal Spike, the target suffers 6.6 million fire a second for 12 seconds. Anyone hit by the star while it travels takes 1.6 million fire.

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Infernal Burning

Goroth channels then deals 8.2 million fire to anyone not behind an Infernal Spike. Any player hit receives a DoT that deals 3.3 million magic every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.

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Crashing Comet

3 players get targeted with yellow swirls, then a comet crashes on them, dealing 1.3 million fire within 10 yards of impact. Anyone hit takes 1.6 million fire every 2 seconds for 16 seconds. These destroy Infernal Spikes, so targets must make sure not to hit any player or pillar.

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Fel Eruption

A quarter of the room gets covered with fel, destroying any Infernal Spikes. Fel deals 608,000 fire every second. The idea is to have your range relatively spread around the room so you don't lose all your pillars.

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Burning Armor/Melted Armor (TANK)

Current tank gets a big yellow circle under them. Deals 2.4 million fire every 2 seconds for 6 seconds, then explodes for 3.3 million fire more, also killing any Infernal Spikes within the circle. Also applies Melted Armor to anyone hit, which increases all damage taken by 300%. Affected tank must make sure not to hit any players or pillars. Swap immediately on application.

Spoiler: Burning Armor/Melted ArmorShow
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Some logs(Mythic):

ST Fight
Boss positioned North of the Circle, Tanks on the right side, melee positioned on the left.
Range Groups split along the West & East Quadrants.

Lust on Pull
Shattering Star Impact Dmg:
0:30 SS 1 Saigon Tranq + Themril Shout
1:30 SS 2 Ana AM + Paul Shout
2:30 SS 3 Veld AM + Crit Shout
3:30 SS 4 Saigon Tranq + Themril Shout
(Repeat Order)

Infernal Burning Movement boosts:
1:00 Shakes Roar
2:00 Raichu WRT
3:00 Gistbek WRT
4:00 Shakes Roar

Infernal burning Pillar Explosion(Only mythic only ignore)
1. 1:00 Healyo HTT
2. 2:00 Tori DH
3. 3:00 Healyo SLT + VEs
4. 4:00 Healyo HTT
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